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                            ​ ​                  ​     Whats in your Water ?

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Iron Treatment


There are a lot of Alberta acreages with water not fit for a dog! with a proper test we can find the right solution
Full Service
Water treatment
Locally owned and family operated

Bad Water? No problem.

Water Softeners


Water's an essential ingredient to life, but when you have hard water it's tough on your pipes, plumbing fixtures, water heater , clothes and more importantly your skin 

We're a full-service water treatment solution. no matter how small or how large your water quality problem, we've got a fix for you.


After more than three decades in the service industry, we're proud to say Kevin and his team are at your water service day or night. We have experienced technicians ready to tackle your water problems. Not only do we do new installations but we provide Maintenance and Service to most makes and models . As an added bonus we can help with plumbing issues - we're here to help. If water runs through it we most likely can help you !

Commercial Water Services

Reverse Osmosis


If you want a never ending supply of pure drinking water right at your hands RO is the way to go !



Chlorine is  not always glorious. If you have Edmonton City water you know it  has Chloramines  (Chlorine and Ammonia )

Thousands have lived without love - not one without water !